Another of the best we will find in FIFA 19 is the tactics menu, which has been remodeled to deepen the possibilities of customizing our way of playing. Now we can configure all the game mentalities in a detailed way, that is, if we choose attack we will have at our disposal a series of unpublished sliders that will give us the choice of player placement, the type of pressure, how many players we want to raise and lower, etc. FIFA 19 Coins Hack For Unlimited Coins is available in the market to try it now.

We can not forget that the FIFA 19 version of Switch will also have a lot to say. It has been one of the best selling versions last year in countries like the United Kingdom whenever there were promotions, which shows that there is demand for a football product with portable possibilities. The incomprehensible decision not to bring multiplayer online with friends is a sign that we are not merely facing a template update, as happened in PS Vita, but now feels less arcade, has improved in its technical section and has gained in complexity in the situations of the encounter. It is still below the major versions but it is a more complete title. Only the Way will be lacking, but the rest of the modes will be present including the FIFA Ultimate Team hack german.

PES 2019: a new graphics level

Evident is also the technical quality of this delivery. From the representation of the lawn (now with more relief and irregularities in certain sections of the field) through the behavior of players, whose animations are increasingly credible. This task of simulation is accompanied by new facial recognition techniques, as has recently been shown in the case of David Beckham, the main icon of the brand this season. All in all, Konami is understanding what to do with the Fox Engine, because not everything is photorealistic graphics but the concerns must also fall on the nature of the movements, the folds of the clothes, the reactions to impacts or the inertia of the same.

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The dynamic lighting also deserves our attention. This new software, Enlighten, will make the lighting behavior much more natural, as well as the transition between day and night. It is not common that in a game of soccer we have changes in the position from which the sunlight is projected; nor that the shadows project longer if the sun is falling. It gives the sensation that the time passes really from the first minute until the referee blows the end of the encounter, and that favors in the immersion.

Content: licenses and changes

In PES 2019 we are left without the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League and the European Super Cup, which are handed over to FIFA 19. The EA will have all the lgos, music and markers of the highest European competition. Konami has responded accordingly by licensing a large number of clubs and leagues. The biggest of the last years, without a doubt. Although we do not have the Spanish and English leagues, on paper the most attractive in the international scene, we have to add to the exclusive list the Russian league , the Superliga Quilmes Clásica of Argentina, the Superliga of Norway, Ladbrokes Premiership of Scotland, Raiffeisen Super League of Switzerland, the Jupiler Pro League of Belgium and, of course, the Portuguese NOS League (José Alvalade will be incorporated as a playable stadium ).

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As for teams, the premium sponsorship obtained from FC Barcelona extends to other different groups. This is the case of Inter Milan, AS Monaco, and Schalke 04. These last two will incorporate their own stadiums. The Luis II Stadium will arrive after the launch of the game but the one that will be from August 30 is the Veltins-Arena, home of the German team. They are joined by some legends for the MyClub mode such as Maradona, Cruyff, Romario, Roberto Carlos, Cafu or Beckham; In addition, there are other legends yet to be confirmed. English will be the cover of the Legend edition of the game.

On the other hand, if there are no last-minute changes FIFA 19 will keep LaLiga Santander and LaLiga 123 , the main divisions of England, Calcio with Serie A, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, Dutch Eredivisie, Liga NOS de Portugal, Australian League, Austrian League, Belgian League, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Japan, Korea, Mexico, United States with the Major Soccer League ... 

When do they go on sale?

As we said, the first to arrive at stores will be PES 2019, specifically on August 30 on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. The "power of football" is aimed at convincing at the playable level, which is a guarantee; but FIFA 19, which has more economic and human capital in its hands, will break out on September 29 with the anthem of the orejona as one of its main aces up its sleeve.

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